Atlantic Association of Public Safety Communications Officials


PublicSafetyApp has partnered with Atlantic Association of Public Safety Communications Officials to promote careers in Public Safety. Utilizing tools developed by PublicSafetyApp, members have the ability to post their current job announcements on the Association Job Board. To increase maximum exposure, job announcements will also appear on, and FireFighterApp.

Members of the Association have the ability to take full advantage of the applicant management tools provided by PublicSafetyApp. These management tools are free, allowing participating agencies to efficiently manage their recruitment and selection process. PublicSafetyApp provides departments with a platform that is flexible to handle the recruitment and selection process associated with all positions in public safety.

Candidates enjoy a centralized online application process while member departments benefit from:

  • Minimized budgetary constraints
  • Reduced / offset recruitment costs
  • 100% elimination of paperwork and data entry associated with the paper application process
  • Unique applicant management tools for departments
  • One-click communication tools for test results, scheduling meetings and candidate correspondence
  • At-a-glance access to applicant profiles, test results, ranking and progress
  • Secure online credit card processing for registration and testing fees
  • EEOC / ADA reporting
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